The Differences Between Web and VPS Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that puts your website or application on the internet, making it accessible from anywhere via a domain name. When you purchase Web Hosting, you’re essentially buying disk space on the server inside a Datacenter, which are large facilities which store thousands of servers, and millions of websites and applications. With KenHost’s Web Hosting you get more than just disk space however, with 24x7x365 Support, an easy to use control panel (cPanel) and one click installation for popular apps such as WordPress.
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How you can stop spam emails?

What is spam?

For as long as there has been mass communication there has been unsolicited commercial content. The word commercial is an important distinction when it comes to spam – many emails you receive may be unsolicited, in that you didn’t ask for them, but if they aren’t trying to get you to part with your hard-earned money they probably don’t count as spam. It’s when they come with that angle that they become spam.


Depending on your email, you may receive large amounts of spam emails each day. These may be unsolicited offers of products or services, promotions for prescription drugs, or dubious-sounding messages about lost relatives who have left you a fortune.
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